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A beautiful work that captures emotions in a very heartwrehching way. Happy Memories... the title has a way with words. It doesn't hint to the reader whether the work will be a happy one or a sad one.

I love the stanza's and the forms that you have chosen. The examples that you have are relatable and even for one who hasn't experienced such moments (like me) can still feel the beauty of the moments. The moments are also breathtaking since they are in essence simple. They don't involve any deep thought or perhaps some promise about catching grenades. They are sweet and realistic memories.

But then that is the way you end it... happy memories... they turn up turning into ones worst night mares. It is sad but that is the way it is. After all it is said that when one grows old, they laugh over sad times and cry over happy ones.

Or another way to put it is:
Tears and smiles,
return after whiles.
They're unlike yet so near,
for your smiles spell my tears"

Well enough with the phlosophy. I fund the work wonderful and the ending... though sad is one that is a truth of life. Sad but... happens.
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