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This work wsa breath taking. Let me go per acpect. The title was grasping. I couldn't help but add this to my folder of critique works because I knew that with you writing on a title like this, it would be wonderful.

Sad... but wonderful.

The start was simple and expressive yet the tone that you took up was quite... not only original than most, but narrative in an eerie way. Usually such starts are for works that have a happy ending. This didn't even start happy. It is realistic as you stated... this is about you. You didn't portray yourself as either perfect or extremely wonderful. You portrayed yourself as a simple person who justed wanted someone to love.

The tale of the boy coming was expected... well obviously since it is a fairy tale in real life it had to be a boy and not a frog please ignore my sense of humor, I am sorry if it offends you. But then you uncovered his wish. That was truly a unique and wonderful moment. I enjoyed how you worded his wish, how you did not portray him as "wrong" but the reader feels the bo's selfishness hard.

The ending... was sad. But the last line, and the little advice given to children was haunting and beautiful to read. A classical work which is quite emotional yet well portrayed.
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